Darts Coaching

Throw Analysis Service

Analysis and Custom Video, £30

Throw analysis and custom video service could be just what you need help get you to the next step for just £30 Inc VAT.

Following your payment you’ll receive confirmation of what’s required in order to for us to fully evaluate your throw in detail.

After hours of deliberation I will then create your own straight to the point darts instructional video. This video will detail any areas of improvement needed in slow motion and show you ways to correct these faults.

Filming Instructions For The Throw Analysis
Film yourself throwing straight on (camera facing you head on) whilst throwing 9 darts at the treble 20 followed by 3 darts at double 16 and 3 darts at double 10.
Then film your throw from side on whilst throwing 9 darts at the treble 20.

Web Cam Tuition

45 Minutes Online Session, £25

Following the purchase of this service we will arrange a time and date for 45 minute lessons to take place.
(Please contact me first to check what time slots are available.)

During this session I recommend you bring something to make notes with.

The session will be held on Nakka.com with the webcam facing you on the oche for my observation.

I will evaluate your throw and explain what may be going wrong.
We will then spend time going over how to fix these bad habits step by step.