Customer Reviews

Here is a selection of the reviews we have have received, many thanks to everyone.

Fantastic analysis and I think you solved my problem.
Dan Blacksher

Want to thank Daniel Poole for taking the time to analyze my throw. Just got done mowing the grass, and watched his suggestion on my arm angle. This was the very first throw after watching the video. 
Big Thanks buddy!

Mike Knipfer

Thanks mate!
You’ve picked up on things I’d never have imagined, I’ll get straight work on it tomorrow.

Kian Davies

Thank you so much Daniel,
You pointed out a few things that I was slightly aware of and made logical suggestions to improve. I’m going to hit the board now and try to implement these changes. I’ll leave a comment on the video you posted the other day as a little testimonial for people to see. 
I’ll keep rewatching the video and hopefully when we do a follow up you’ll see the difference.

Tom G

Daniel is an amazing coach. He really takes the time to communicate with you and follow up after your session. He picked out 3 things in our first session and it changed my game!
Megaton Migalski